Parallels Compressor Server

Parallels Compressor Server 1.086

A professional disk management tool

Parallels Compressor Server is a complete professional-grade, easy-to-use disk management tool that helps save storage costs, maximize hard disk resources and improves the performance of any Windows-powered Parallels, VMware and Microsoft virtual server or virtual workstation by reducing virtual hard disk size by 50% or more.

Compress any virtual server…

Compatible with virtual servers built with Parallels Server (expected late 2006), VMware Server, VMware GSX Server, Microsoft Virtual Server.

…or any virtual workstation

Compatible with virtual workstations built with Parallels Workstation 2. 2, Parallels Desktop for Mac, VMware Workstation, Microsoft Virtual PC

Seamlessly works with Windows server and desktop editions

Parallels Compressor Server works with any version of Windows 2000, XP or 2003 Server.

Save on storage costs

Eliminate the need to buy additional external storage, or a larger internal hard drive, to accommodate growing virtual machines.

Improve virtual machine performance

By reducing hard-disk size by 50% or more and optimizing OS parameters, Parallels Compressor reduces virtual hard drive call times and speeds overall performance.

Make your virtual servers and workstations portable

Reduce virtual servers and workstations to a size that can be easily burned to a DVD or transferred to another machine via the Internet or a LAN.

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Parallels Compressor Server


Parallels Compressor Server 1.086

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